Crystal Dream U2 Experience - The Ultimate U2 Tribute

Soundscapes, beats, analogue synths, acoustic sounds and rocking guitars packed into a dynamic show with the greatest hits of the popular Irish rock band U2.

A new approach to the phenomenon tribute performed by the pop rock duo Crystal Dream in a custom production. A unique show that scores high both musically and with interaction and provides an energetic live experience.

A musical tribute in which the recognizable U2 sound and feeling are performed with passion. The band does this without losing sight of the Irish band, stays close to itself and puts on a unique show.

Crystal Dream U2 Experience is an experience not to be missed and an absolute must for any music lover.

Release ‘No Line On The Horizon’ Dutch U2 Fanclub

In 2009 the new U2 album 'No Line On The Horizon' is being released and singer Marcel and guitarist Rues are asked to play an acoustic set for the Dutch U2 Fanclub.

The third time at the Dutch U2 Fanclubday

In 2011 Crystal Dream plays for the third time at the Dutch U2 Fanclubday at Club P60 in Amstelveen which is unique for dutch standards.

Opening Gala Anton Corbijn's 'The American'

During the Opening Gala of Anton Corbijn's movie 'The American' Crystal Dream plays U2's 'Running To Stand Still' and 'Window Of My Eyes' (Cuby and The Blizzards) a song that's on the movie's Soundtrack. A lot of U2-fanatics amongst the audience were very positive about Crystal Dream's performance.

Anton Corbijn is responsible for a lot of U2's artwork and photography. The albumcovers of The Joshua Tree, Rattle & Hum, Achtung Baby, POP as well as many videoclips were of his hands.


The gig is dynamic and has a lot of feel. With the right guitar licks and a tight rhythm section, Crystal Dream can be called the best U2-coverband in Holland...

An audio-visual experience with international potential. With over 4000 visitors a full house, with a great atmosphere and 'goosebumps moments…'